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What is the ForestLand

Probably you did notice the term The ForestLand in several cases. I can imagine that you think: "But what is The ForestLand exactly?" Well, that's a good question which I will give an answer on on this page. The forestLand is a continent primarely occupied by enourmous forests in which the climate mostly is comfortable. There roughly isn't place for wastelands, deserts or other types of land. The surface of The ForestLand primarely consists of forest terrain. Dirt, Streams, Gras and a looooot of trees. During the centuries that passed new residents started to appear. Apart from the animals and birds which already make The ForestLand their home for as long as the ancient history goes. But I am speaking of the more Intelligent races. Like the Gnomes, New Elves and, The ForestOrcs! That's true. The ForestOrcs toke up residense in The ForestLand long before the New Elves started to appear.


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