• Donation Incentives

For each $1 donated; the account which makes the donation will receive 100 Diamonds in the game.

When donating via the game directly and when you use a screenreader to play the game, make sure you press the second 'Donate' button. When you do this your donation will go directly to us. Not to the LOTGD project or Dragonprime. Of which the lather is no longer active.

Also, when you'd like to donate and receive 25% extra diamonds, make sure to visit our External EOA Shop to buy one of our Diamond Packages. When you do and we receive your payment make sure to provide us with your paypal Transaction ID. Just send Pelantas an ingame message and he'll add the womping Diamond Package to your account imidiately.
Note: The link to our External EOA Shop could be found via The Black Market pages located in all major cities.

We want to thank you for considering donating to our wonderful corner on the internet.

Happy adventuring, and make sure your hitpoints remain above zero.

The Elves of Allalhill Crew,


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