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Admin Pelantas2024-02-03 11:51:14
Hi all,

Recently i have been receiving a few extra notifications that donations are going wrong to the game. This is very strange, because when i am logged in and i donate as a test to my business account all goes well ... But for everyone experiencing strange behaviour with donating and not receiving diamonds please do the following:
1. Go to paypal.com and login to your account,
2. Start a manual transaction and enter the receiving addres to be: nonvisiongames@gmx.com,
3. Enter the amount in Dollars you wish to send over. Via this method $9.50 will grand you 950 diamonds. I won't stick to the whole dollar idea which is standard for LOTGD.
4. Fill out your character name in the notes field, this so i know to what account i should add the diamonds.
5. Complete the transaction. In 99% of the times the diamonds will be added to your account in a matter of a few hours at most.

Via this method someone else also could donate for you, as a gift for whatever reason. As long as they enter your account name, the diamonds will be added just fine.

I will add this description to the required pages ingame later today.

Happy adventuring all!

Greetings, pelantas

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Nothing much of note did happen throughout the ForestLand.


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