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Manual Donations
Admin Pelantas2024-02-03 11:51:14
Hi all,

Recently i have been receiving a few extra notifications that donations are going wrong to the game. This is very strange, because when i am logged in and i donate as a test to my business account all goes well ... But for everyone experiencing strange behaviour with donating and not receiving diamonds please do the following:
1. Go to paypal.com and login to your account,
2. Start a manual transaction and enter the receiving addres to be: nonvisiongames@gmx.com,
3. Enter the amount in Dollars you wish to send over. Via this method $9.50 will grand you 950 diamonds. I won't stick to the whole dollar idea which is standard for LOTGD.
4. Fill out your character name in the notes field, this so i know to what account i should add the diamonds.
5. Complete the transaction. In 99% of the times the diamonds will be added to your account in a matter of a few hours at most.

Via this method someone else also could donate for you, as a gift for whatever reason. As long as they enter your account name, the diamonds will be added just fine.

I will add this description to the required pages ingame later today.

Happy adventuring all!

Greetings, pelantas

Poll: Local Dwellings Oppinion
Admin Pelantas2024-02-02 10:01:08
Hi all, For some time i have been thinking of the Dwelling System. Will it serve any purpose? Or will it just be nice to construct dwellings and such ... But nothing else. How it is now i am of the oppinion the dwelling system doesn't have much purpose as it is. But instead of rashly deactivating all dwelling-related modules i'd like to hear your oppinion about this. Should i deactivate the system until i could find a way to make the system work, should i leave it on and find out stuff meanwhile, or should it be removed all together? I'll be looking forward to your oppinions. Greetings, pelantas
Leave it on until you find a working solution (2 - 66.7%)
Turn it off until you have found a working solution (0 - 0%)
Deactivate the system all together (for the time being) (1 - 33.3%)

Second Expansion Pack Parcially Launched
Admin Pelantas2024-01-30 12:02:14
Hi all,

I hope this message finds you well? And of course, I hope you are finding your way, both through the realm and past the 18 levels the game counts at the moment.

When I posted the last update log I promised another expansion pack. This at least I parcially can provide already, cause the next part is currently in building stages before it gets pushed to the live enviroment.
Note: When there is any strange behaviour occurring with these new modules then please file a support ticket. You'll be rewarded with diamonds when you find and report these inconveniences.

Update Log:
- Adjusted the chance of encountering Special Events in the Village, Inn, Forest, UnderWorld and Gardens.
- Found the reason why several Special Events in The UnderWorld, Gardens and Inn weren't triggered. Right now they should work properly.
- Added a Special Event to the Villages and Inn. Both will award you something an assassin never could have enough of.
- Added the Alchemist, Air Mage & Water Mage Specialties, which are available to unlock.

To do:
- Complete the writing of the Fire, Earth and Sand Mage Specialties.
- Write the Magician's Tower location, for Worldly Lore.
- Complete several Special events for the Inn, Villages, Gardens and UnderWorld.
- Thinking of additional races & specialties, as well as locations, Suggestions are welcome.

Happy adventuring all! And don't forget, reach out when you need something. ;)

Greetings, Pelantas

Realm Level Expansion
Admin Pelantas2024-01-21 15:35:45
Hi all,

Today the realm got a mayor update in term of levels a player can reach, and the masters to fight against.

Right now, a player can level up to level 18 before the battle against the ForestOrc Chieftain can be fought. Also, the Chieftain got a little stronger to be in balance with the additional strength and agility a player can get.

At some point more of this additional levels can be introduced, together with optional levels you can obtain if you so choose.

The summary of updates is below, also, updates which are not lined with the level expansion:
- A player now needs to reach level 18 before the ForestOrc Chieftain can be sought out,
- 3 Additional masters are added to The Golden Phoenix Tavern,
- The TreeCoins you have on hand after a confrontation will be lost now, so make sure to bank them before you seek out the ForestOrc Chieftain,
- The earlier game days of 8 are put back to 6, to allow some additional balance.
- To compensate the 2 game days that are not being played for now during our rl day, the assassination a player gets per gameday is upped to 45, 50 if you count the flawless fights.

What's still in the pipeline?
- Some additional Specialties that will be unlockable during your play, for some these will already be available,
- The same goes for additional races,
- some nice Village, Inn and Forest-Events.

I'd like to wish you happy adventuring, and if you have feedback or suggestions, then please feel free to let me know.

Greetings, pelantas

Realm Updates 18-1-2024
Admin Pelantas2024-01-18 10:55:46
Hi all, A very Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening or Night, when you read this.

Today the realm got a few tweaks and an update which i will detail below. Also, i'd like to mention that the restriction on experience gained will be a test to see if i can balance the game some more to be more in line with the stronger weaponry which is relatively unique to this game. In any case, the updates are below:
- Added three new races, The Mountain Elf, Forest Pyxie and the Gallow Shifter. Will be unlocked while you play through the various confrontations. Keep in mind that not every confrontation unlocks something new, that it probably will take a few times before you unlock something.
- improved the weaponry which is purchasable via the groceries store. The highest armor and weapon has 19 power. But requires people at the Foundry Jobs to craft them. So making the Foundry Jobs more of a community project to make sure the higher weaponry is available.
- Nerved the experience gained in the forest with 15%, this isthe first step in realancing the game. With this step i'd like to see if people still blast quick through a confrontation. I am not very much willing to increase the power of monsters, possibly their hitpoints with a small bit. But it is sure that the game is played far quicker then original lotgd's had. So the advantages players have with the enhanced weaponry needs to be balanced with the challenges in the forest. So i hope you understand my point of view.

In any case. I'd like to wish you all a happy adventure, and stay safe, healthy and strong.

Greetings, pelantas

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